Talent Management

Providing support to high-potential executives and their teams

At Paccard-Balmat, we work with high-potential executives and their teams, helping them to advance professionally. We provide room for reflection and innovation, and encourage you to confront disparities in perception (in terms of how you view yourself, how others view you, as well as the results of objective tests) in order to map out new paths for progression. And we also look at some of the common problems identified by the field of I-O psychology, such as burnout, boreout, stress and conflict resolution.

Thanks to our assessment centre, we are able to evaluate the performance of groups of employees by observing how they react to a series of exercises designed to simulate real-life work situations. This process is based on the multiple assessment method : each participant and each skill being tested is evaluated by a number of observers over the course of several exercises.

Dedicated post-recruitment support allowing you to get behind talented high-potential candidates, develop their nascent skills and help them adjust quicker to their new organisation.

Ten sessions : Ten two-hour sessions spread over 6-12 months, with the aim of overcoming a professional hurdle, or performing a career health check.

One session : Over the course of a single day, we can work with one individual to draw up a career development plan using the results of 360-degree feedback and a personality test collected prior to the session’s start. Essential follow-up support is provided over Skype.


Working hand-in-hand with our recruitment teams, we can help professionals find employment following a dismissal, or when choosing a new career path. We look at their personality, skills, personal background and what motivates them, allowing us to support them as they make their transition to a new role.




This service promotes team cohesiveness and creativity at work. The aim is to build up a picture of the interpersonal and commercial roles of each individual member, as well as the overall team dynamic. If there’s a cohesion issue, your coach will act as a facilitator and nurture the team back to health.